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Welcome Back!

With August temperatures staying consistently above the ninety degree mark, Shona and I decided to do like the Europeans do and take the month off.  Painting became nearly impossible with the extreme humidity and we started to see the long, hot days of summer taking its toll on our energy levels.  It was hard to stay away, hard to not pick up the paintbrush and push through it, but it is important to listen to your heart and not fight nature.  We did miss you all though.

While this summer was filled with many fun and happy memories, Redefining Décor lost a very dear friend.  Shona’s wonderful dog, Rudy, passed away.  Rudy was the quintessential Lab, kind, gentle, sweet to a fault and just a blast to be around.  The extent to which he will be missed cannot be measured. 

With the end of Summer, we are looking forward to the renewing powers of Fall.

I have always had a bit of a love affair with Fall.  It is far and away my favorite season.  In the coming weeks, we will show you the projects we have worked on, focus on tips to get your house in order and show some bigger, secret stuff that we have in store for you all. 



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