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The Twins

One of my steadfast rules when I started playing with furniture was that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the actual pieces.   I was determined to put the time and effort into finding the diamonds in the rough in order to have the final products and pictures really be “WOW” worthy.  In fact, the rush that I get when I find a quality freebie probably borders  on dangerous.

I made quite an exception for these guys.  They were a whopping $25 for both.

I knew that I wanted a chair and would allow for up to two in the garage to work on since space is always at a premium.  I also knew that I wanted to learn how to swap out an old seat for something newer and more stylish (in my opinion, of course).  This involved a trip to Joanne Fabrics for the following:  one yard of upholstery fabric, which is much stronger and durable than traditional fabric and more expensive, too and 1/2 inch foam to act as a cushion.  I also made a quick stop at a place that is quickly becoming my home away from home, Lowe’s, for a stapler.  This isn’t any ordinary stapler though.  This stapler has magical powers and can staple into wood!


Here they are after their mini-makeover and as my friend, Doug pointed out, nearly perfect, except that I had the seats on backwards.

A few tips for replacing a seat cushion:

  1. If you can, bring the actual seat with you so you don’t over/under buy supplies.  I just unscrewed one of them and carried it into the store with me.  The woman who helped me layed it down on top of the fabric and the 1/2 foam and I was able to get out of there with one yard of each.  Had I been estimating, I am sure I would have bought more of each.
  2. This goes without saying but, be nice.  The lady actually gave me a little extra fabric and foam without charging me for it and I can directly attribute that to asking her how her day was going and thanking her for all of her help.
  3. When you are cutting and measuring, check twice, cut once.  I again put the actual chair seat down onto the fabric and the foam.  The foam I wanted to be as close to the actual chair size as possible.  The fabric needed to hang over enough so that I could staple it underneath the seat.
  4. Take your time and staple one after another while gently pulling the fabric tight.  I used 1/4 inch staples.  I could be doing this completely wrong, but it worked in the end.  The first chair I just randomly stapled around and there was some gaping.  With the second chair, I slowly put staple after staple next to each other and kept them evenly spaced.

Always learning…


If you want your home to have a special piece of green furniture, created with your needs in mind, contact me by email at RedefiningDecor[at]gmail.com for information.


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I will fully admit to being a bit nervous.  My comfort zone is within the three walls and opened door of my garage, paintbrush in hand and piece of furniture, mid-transformation in front of me.  Every blogger has their first post and an idea of what their story is to tell.  I don’t have the firm grip on how to tell you the story yet.  We’ll get there, together.

In the meantime though, we can look at the nightstand that started it all.


This was a hand-me-down from a friend of my husband’s.  Clearly it had suffered from being the resting spot of many, many beverages and in the words of someone from Curb Your Enthusiasm; this nightstand was suffering from a severe case of disrespected wood.

I had a vision in my mind for how I someday wanted our master bedroom to look and with multiple pieces of furniture that were screaming for makeovers, I was able to convince (read: wear down through near constant nagging) my husband, Justin, to let me try painting just one piece to see how it came out.


The result was…well, to be honest, what you would expect from a first timer with lots to learn.  There were visible brush strokes from rushing and not allowing the paint to go on slowly, there were small drips where I had moved onto another area without paying attention and in the end, when I moved the nightstand up to its place in our bedroom, several days where it was apparent that it had not fully cured.  I lived in fear for those few days that anything placed on it would leave a mark and the drawers would seal themselves shut if I didn’t leave them slightly ajar.

The nightstand in its completed form provided me with lots of valuable, hands on learning opportunity and hopefully, my first few posts will do the same for blogging.

Thank you for coming and I look forward to sharing more of my work and that of some special contributors (more on this to come) in the future.

If you want your home to have a special piece of green furniture, created with your needs in mind, contact me by email at RedefiningDecor[at]gmail.com for information.

– Kate

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