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This past weekend I traveled to the Norwich Inn and Spa with a great group of ladies. If you are in the northeast and looking for a great weekend away, this should be a top contender.

Apart from being pampered, it was so nice to spend time with such a cool group of ladies. I felt very honored to be invited.

This was from the relaxation room. I was probably not supposed to take pictures but…it was too fabulous to not mention. I might have also taken a cat nap in there as well.

To cap off the weekend, I had a tarot card reading. I love getting that done every couple of years.


Norwich Inn and Spa…I heart you.



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The countdown to relaxation, laughs, serious chats, spa treatments and good food with an amazing group of women is on.  Tomorrow morning, crummy weather be damned, I’m hitting the open road, with a good Pandora station queued up, snacks and a destination.  Robyn will be there, too! 


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