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In vino veritas

Spring has finally arrived!  My birthday is at the end of March and I cannot remember it being this cold this late in the year ever.  Thankfully, the emergence of some really nice weather in New England, was timed perfectly with my first Mommy night away.

When I met Justin, I didn’t realize that he came with a pretty impressive friend circle.  Luckily, I’ve become close with his girlfriends from college and for the second year in a row, I’ve been invited to join them on their yearly girl’s weekend.  Last year we went to the Norwich Inn and Spa.  I was pretty pregnant, so my fun was limited to a pregnancy massage and a nap.  This year, since no one was expecting, we headed to Long Island, New York to check out their wine trail.

The best way (and most fun) way to get from Connecticut to Long Island is by ferry.


Who doesn’t love taking a boat?

We were booked for one night at the Cliffside Resort, a beautiful condo complex overlooking the Long Island Sound.  I pulled out google maps to see what part of Connecticut I was looking at from our room and it is directly across from Old Saybrook (former home of Katherine Hepburn).  The brightly colored Adirondack chairs on the lawn must be a lovely spot to watch the sunset, cocktail in hand during the summer time.


Early April is still the off-season, so we had the place almost exclusively to ourselves.  We can be a bit loud, so this was not a bad thing.

We didn’t spend much time in our hotel room before we headed off to hit the wine trail.  My favorite stop by far was Sparkling Pointe.  They only make sparkling wines.  Yum!


The ambiance was perfect too.  Perhaps too perfect, because I came home wanting to repaint our entire house the same lovely gray they had on their walls.  I also came home coveting the Michael Kors gold watch, but that is a story for another day.


Just one of the amazing perks of the weekend was getting to spend time with the amazing, Robyn of A Modest Life.


If you are in the Boston area and looking for a stylist/personal shopper, you could not possibly do better.  After all the wineries, we had a stopover on the beach for a sunset cocktail, some rock picking and an impromptu photo shoot.

photo (2)


The next morning came faster than a mommy looking to catch up on oft missed sleep would have wanted, but I was ready to hit the road bright and early, so bright and early in fact, that I managed to catch the sunrise over the water.




All in all, it was the perfect getaway with the perfect group!

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