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You know how you should never tempt fate without knocking wood?   Saying that I thought we were just about done with the dining room, well, that was just silly on my part.   From here on out, I will accept that the house is always evolving and changing with us.

So, when last we spoke, Justin and I were lovingly debating whether the back wall in the dinning room needed anything else.

I smugly said no.  I was wrong.

Joann Fabrics was having an excellent sale this past weekend and I was there picking up fabric for a side project I will soon be sharing with you.  Justin and Audrey came with me and when I let Justin out of my sight for a few minutes, he came back with a literal arm load of picture frames, all 1/2 off.  That man of mine sure can spot a bargain!


So much for the bead and batten board.  I have to say though, I think I like this better.



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Route One in Connecticut, between Branford and Stonington, is the ideal stomping ground for lovers of flea markets, antique shops and tag sales.  Last weekend I was able to head out on my own for a few hours of uninterrupted browsing.

You can find just about anything at these places, so it is important to go with a few goal items in mind.

I knew before I even got out of my station wagon that I wanted blue canning jars, a ceramic owl and empty painting frames.  Normally, I’d be on the hunt for furniture, but I am finding that it is usually over priced if you are buying it in a shop.  There are still good deals to be had at Tag/Garage sales though.

So, blue jars, an owl and frames?  Those are a bit strange, right?

My first stop was at the Clinton Village Antique & Collectible Flea Market, in Clinton, Connecticut.  Clinton is a beautiful shoreline town with a sizeable Sunday flea market.  I was able to score this beautiful frame for $15.

The reason why I was looking for empty frames was inspired by Nester Smith of The Nesting Place in her Summerize Your Home series.  She grouped together empty frames that she had painted along her stairwell.

I envision recreating a look similar to this in our house, maybe in our bedroom or in a bathroom.  One frame down, dozen or so, to go.

I love the look of antique Mason jars but I especially love the blue ones.  At the Clinton Antique Center, just a few miles past the Clinton Flea Market, I was able to hunt down six of these beauties in various shapes and sizes.  Here they are on my newly finished shabby chic nightstand.

I am torn with what to do with my growing collection of blue jars.  They are great for displaying but I saw a post on Kara Paslay Designs where she turned her mason jar collection into a lighting fixture.  She even explains how to create the same look with her very detailed tutorial here.  I would love to do something similar with a mix of blue, green and white jars.

And finally, owls.  What could I possibly want with a ceramic owl?  The world of design blogs is filled with some of the most creative people and last week I happened to stop by Beth’s site, The Everyday Life of Bellom, to see her ceramic owl painting project.  She took a perfectly creepy looking owl that she found at Goodwill and turned it into a gorgeous accessory with a little white spray paint.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come across an owl in my shopping adventure but there is always next time.

I was able to score a pair of carved wooden candle sticks for $1 though!


Check back later this week as Shona gets us ready to celebrate the 4th of July holiday in Redefining Décor Style.

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