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There is an agreement that one has to sign when they decide to pursue adulthood in New England.   It will be very hot in the summertime and it will be a cold, snowy mess in the winter.  If you don’t like it, you are free to move to the promised land, aka San Diego, but otherwise, you kind of just have to shush your mouth and deal.

I’ve got serious ants in my pants for some outside time.  It has been way too long since our beach looked more like this:


and less like this:


I’ve tried to think of all the fun, warm weather stuff that is just around the corner and remembered that I never told you about my beautiful sister-in-law’s bridal shower last summer.


I was the hostess and as such, got full and complete control over decorating.  I LOVE party planning.   Love it.  For Katy’s (that’s my sil) shower, I actually started collecting stuff for decorating months beforehand.  It was like curating an art show, each little piece was thoughtfully selected.  The party was held at our beachfront club house, so I stuck with the beachy chic theme for the event.  I stalked e-bay for beach glass colored tulle and was rewarded with a football fields amount.  I created a Pinterest board just for ideas.   I had visions of sheer curtains floating over the guests heads with beautiful tulle twisting around everything in an ethereal dream scape.  Had I known that the tulle would end up being a total nightmare and the ephemeral feel would turn slightly weird and dangerous because the hand weights we had to hold it in place kept crashing down to where people would be standing later, I would have stepped away from the e-bay auction.  It was a learning moment and in the eleventh hour, we scrapped the sheer overhead curtains for safety’s sake.


I made sure to incorporate a lot of what I already had on hand so that I could put more of the budget towards the food [and booze].  I busted out my army of blue mason jars and hung starfish from them with twine.   I had bought a ridiculous amount of starfish off of the internet and when they arrived, they completely freaked our dogs, Piper and Neuman, out.  I wasn’t expecting that, so they got several days of freebreeze and fresh air before they came back into the house, the starfish that is, not the dogs.


I stuck the starfish into my giant Ikea lanterns around tall pillar candles.


Lemon sugar cookies in the shape of starfish and sailboats with gold sprinkles were baked and packaged up for favors with pretty, beachy colored ribbon and some chocolate kisses.

One of my absolute favorite parts of the party were the floral arrangements.  Thankfully, the party was right smack in the middle of peak hydrangea season.  We had giant clusters of the most beautiful deep purples and blues.  My kitchen looked like a jungle for a few hours while I wrangled everything into containers.  Since our neighbors sometimes pop in here to read this, I feel it is important to mention that no neighborhood hydrangea were hurt in the making of this blog post and/or party.



I thought it would be a lovely idea to feature pictures from the bride’s childhood on the beautiful stone fireplace in the room.


I enlisted the help of my mother-in-law and grand-mother-in-law to provide pictures which I then put into frames and put all over the fireplace.  I was also able to incorporate the flowers, lanterns, and that silly tulle and some of the living dead starfish too.



It was a rainy night outside, but inside it turned into a great evening celebrating the marriage of my amazing sister in law.

I have a feeling that before we know it, the beach will be back to looking like this again too.


I can’t wait!



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My city does a yearly bulk garbage pickup.  All of my neighbors go through their homes and throw away all sorts of cool stuff.  It is another great way to score free furniture and without the hassle of Craigslist strangers.  Of course, you can’t be afraid of looking a little crazy and driving around with half an eye on the road and half an eye on the curb.

This year I scored a bunch of pieces.  Two chairs and four end tables.  I pulled up behind a pick up truck loaded to the top with scrap metal, in my day job, business casual clothes, and surprised the heck out of two gritty guys.  I guess it is good we weren’t looking for the same stuff.

Cute, right?

It took me a while to get an idea of what I wanted to do with these.  Sometimes I let a piece hang around for a bit to get a good sense of it.  I was inspired by the furniture frequently posted at Whiteberry Reinvented.  I also had a left over can of a chalky white paint with blue/green undertones from a house painting job that never happened.

I painted both pieces with an oil based primer and then three coats of the latex paint.  These were the first pieces I had painted that did not have a glossy finish.  There was something about the matte finish that almost gave them an incomplete feel until I started distressing the edges.  Distressing is when you take sandpaper to a piece and rough it up a bit.  It is so much fun and instantly gives your furniture an antique look.

These are the pieces after distressing.  I made a beginners mistake and forgot to take pictures of everything in between painting and distressing, so you’ll have to imagine what they looked like.

I bet you are wondering though, why am I looking at these end tables clearly set up in a house but without any accessories?  Well, it is because I have a special treat for all of you that I will be sharing this week that will absolutely clear up why you are looking at this two gorgeous pieces without any styling.  I’ll give you a hint though, she’s a petite lady with an amazing laugh.


If you want your home to have a special piece of green furniture, created with your needs in mind, contact me by email at RedefiningDecor[at]gmail.com for information.

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